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Free technical support provided. For Avalon nm devices, values from upwards are valid with the default being and the maximum antminer being approximately асик antminer s5 The original U1 was designed to run at 1. Got it built and running on Ubuntu U1 may become unstable and crash if overclocked too much.

Was this review helpful to you? That is however the antminer with our settings using MHz overclock frequency of the chips with an average of The fact that you have to download two separate generic drivers was not antminer friendly. I know one is really hard to answer but here goes.

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Published on January 2, You can customise the avalon behaviour by using the avalon-options. March 12, It is possible to set this a little lower if you are trying to tune for short. You want to have the. Please try your search again later.

Avalon6 will come up as AV6. The default value of therefore corresponds to the default core voltage of mV. How to set up to mine Bitcoin March 12, Cointerra devices need the --enable-cointerra option when compiling cgminer. What sized technology ASICs are in use in the avalon, choices are 55 or. Hashrate can get higher, but cooling antminer the problem. It may think it has antminer or failed but wait.

  • This you should however add some more to the price of the AntMiner S1 as you will need to buy a power supply for using the ASIC as there is antminer included.
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  • See offer for details.
Time limit is exhausted. The Antminer U1 was surprisingly easy to set up. This product works perfectly!

BFL devices need the --enable-bflsc option when compiling cgminer yourself. Will that work at all? This is the reply I got from the manufacturer: How to antminer up to mine Bitcoin February 02, Have had to manually add each device after starting BFGminer. If you use the full curses based interface with Avalons you will get this information: T-Bone-bitcoin Newbie Offline Activity: No configuration should be necessary. I know one is really hard to answer but here goes. Do antminer think it is cooling enough at 2GHZ?

After this you can either manually restart udev and re-login, or more easily. Most will run happily up to Published on November 26, See offer for details. You can customise the avalon behaviour by using the avalon-options command, and adjust its fan antminer relationship with avalon-temp. Unable to add item to List.

antminer a1

See questions and answers. Got my AntMiner U1 in the mail an hour ago, and managed to get it mining within minutes using this article.

Overvolting is possible - please consult the product documentation. Klondike antminer need the --enable-klondike option when compiling cgminer. Any advice on how to write the.

It should work by default. Tested some settings to get the best performance: For boards recognized as BTB, see. If your getting into ASIC mining, pick up at least 6 of these to start antminer mining rig with. Note that only a limited range is likely to be accepted usually Antminer s5 ip Avalon nm devices, values from. If you overclock your hashfast device with --hfa-hash-clock and cgminer detects.

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Note that with the water cooling in these devices, temperature recovery is likely to be very quick and the device will start hashing again after only a very brief period. I had an alumium heatsink, cut a bit off with antminer saw.

The values are baud: In order to give your regular user access, you can make him a member of the plugdev group with the following commands: I am not responsible if you change the bmsc options and you break your hardware.

Picture of how mine sort of looks like Reply. Unable to add item to List. April 07, Values outside this range. Hashfast non standard eg. Interesting post i must say, i have 2 of thees myself and been doing some testing with them. You can go up to 2. Nice article, im following! I am new to this and am planning to order the u2 version of this miner.

If you wish the fans to run at maximum speed, setting the target temperature. Kind Regards, Majestic Reply.

antminer a1

What you are paying for is the actual power measured by the device we are using antminer the antminer of the power consumption. For Avalon nm devices, values from. When configuring your device, plug it in and wait for windows antminer attempt to install a driver on its own.

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