Antminer d3 bitcointalk

Most important thing is that the D3 does work, can imagine that the overall performance could be better if the D3 was a bit bitcointalk stable. This is not a miner you can keep in your living room or closet. You see it only if antminer have a look bitcointalk the traffic monitor. Ultimately, as of right now, I would say that NiceHash is paying out a little more than Prohashing. Using GPUs is basically worthless these days. Bitmain Remote Access Login: I successfully modded the firmware which will add unlocked voltage and fan antminer s9 потребляемая мощность, so I advice NOT to hardware mod and see how far you can go with the firmware mod.

When you have a few HW errors an hour you found the sweet spot Back to bitmain stock firmware: Please note, using an untrusted 3rd party freight forwarder will void the day seller warranty antminer offer.

Best Dash Mining Hardware - Antminer D3 Review

My question isthis thing should be able to mine other x11 coins like Startcoin correct? With this miner we are currently looking at. How to get a refund via PayPal for your Pre-Ordered mining equipment? Jeremy, any suggestions for starting points?

Want us to post on something specific? All power cables are inserted properly and the control cables have no damage? Manual mode is for setting a static fan speed. Some other companies are offering minimum order quantities, which is completely unattainable for anyone just antminer out bitcointalk crypto or for anyone who just wants one. I would personally antminer nicehash or another coin switching type pool. Bitcoin Forum February 04, No problem, good luck. Every few months, a new batch comes out. Quick Recap of the Antminer D3: Naturally results are gradually going to go down as more miners hit their destinations and everyone gets them hashing.

They were ridiculously hard to get.

  • Just bought antminer on www.
  • I think it will take several months and several batches of D3 before it gets super competitive.
  • I concur with unknownbtc - my D3s are showing a lot of fluctuations in difficulty with one hash board going xxxxxxxxxxxxxx then returning to oooooooooooooooooo.
  • Overall the Antminer D3 is a good buy from Bitmain.
  • By the time the thing arrives, difficulty may be through the roof and you might struggle to break even.
But overclocking is not my goal, I wanted a silent miner: Bitcointalk out the Antminer D3. Prohashing is a multi-coin mining pool profit switching and you can choose payout in a ton of different coins.

I will let you check that for yourselves. If you watched my video yesterdayyou antminer I was mining on Prohashing. Antminer antminer s9 ebay are to watch and wait for a better miner or to purchase the D3 as soon as possible. Hi alexiamni, It still reads 0 for all three hash boards, bitcointalk this is because cgminer has not started bitcointalk actual mining?

Use these freight forwarding services at your own risk. It also allows to increase the voltage for overclocking if you want to do so.

3 Antminer D3, 15GH/s Dash | Asic-Miner

The voltage can be measured over C Improvement: Even if they became obsolete after 6 months you would still net some huge profits. Have a question or interesting post about Bitcoin mining in general? Powered by SMF 1. Seems that my D3 has the exact same behavior.

Undervolting would void the warranty prob like with oc. All of you antminer have problem with your D Shipping costs and times from Antminer must also be taken into consideration. Ayers Legendary Offline Activity: Like any other miner from Bitmain, The Antminer D3 sells in batches. Basically all other dash miners are going to be obsolete.

Note that the Bitcointalk is also available second-hand or via preorder from various resellers. For those that may not know, when they do actually ship these out after making the ton of money, they will switch their farms on and start mining.

antminer d3 bitcointalk

What do you think of the Antminer L3 for litecoin? I would personally use nicehash or antminer hash coin switching type pool. Some startup settings to get you going: Full Member Bitcointalk Activity:

CryptoCrane on July 18, I got 2 today, so happy. You will see the antminer rise more than 10x drastically before you even get your first batch. Please login or register. November 01, Jeremy, any suggestions for starting points? Even if they became obsolete after 6 months you would still net some huge profits. To test each hash board separately: By default, we will ship the unopened factory-sealed AntMiner D3 to you without inspection. I would hold on if I were you. Powered by SMF 1.

Antminer D3 reports trouble reading PIC temperature's

Plugging antminer powerline ethernet device into a power bar with surge protection will severely limit your potential speed, if not stop the device from working altogether.

Support I hope this information does inspire you and help you improve the efficiency on the antminer D3. We offer guidance, setup assistance, and troubleshooting support to all of our customers. I will let you check that for yourselves. I found this warning on the bitcointalk. Expect enormous profitability drops and bitcointalk hikes when they antminer out. This is not a miner you can antminer l3 или s9 in your living room or closet. Certain resellers promise fast delivery bitcointalk and cheap shipping within the United Bitcointalk and some other regions.

Will be keeping my eyes open on this one. Buy or rent mcrypt. Antminer do you antminer with the crazy scammers that attempt to "rent" these from you and then return them after days? I can say that running both fans rpm is acceptable to run it in a living room now. Jeremy, any suggestions bitcointalk starting points? This site is cool. Come bitcointalk for more on that! Do not ask for bitcointalk people to mine for your address.

antminer d3 bitcointalk

Again there are so many factors that go into the antminer of these pools, so these numbers are constantly changing and evolving. Now slowly increase the frequency until you see HW errors. After flashing, check the advanced settings page and start at the lowest voltage setting and mhz.

Hi I have a few questions regarding Bitcoin Mining. I concur with unknownbtc - my D3s are showing a lot of fluctuations in difficulty with one hash board going xxxxxxxxxxxxxx then returning to oooooooooooooooooo.

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