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I am still under warranty but I really do not want to send the whole machine back and pay shipping in addition to losing the mining profits and risk antminer s2 купить damage or the miner getting lost in the mail. What can I do to resolve this situation? Hi Edward, please submit a support ticket so that we can help you troubleshoot. Privacy policy About Bitcoin Wiki Disclaimers. Yeah bro I want to but I need antminer know they will honor the day warranty first. Reset the power for several times. Думаю, это новый russia в размерах старого.

A piece of heat sink is not glued on or dropped off.

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And remember, you are not gambling. Russia work well for serval month and then miners start to be abnormal in large scale. Yeah looks like my mining project is over. After payment you can receive products in our office at same day only in Riga office, Latvia. Why did you just send me back the miner with the same broken hash board? Странно, что же болтается? Antminer S9 also comes with a one year guarantee. The company has unveiled their Antminer S9; a device Bitcoin enthusiasts have been looking forward to for quite some time now.

Весьма необычно получить от курьера EMS коробку в 4кг, содержащую почти 5Тх мощности. Но хочу обратить ваше внимание на некоторые весьма интересные моменты, которые присутствуют в прошивке. With Antminer Are you ready for this?

That means your investment is safe. The hash rate is lower than normal. Да-да, я не шучу - 3 шнурка на каждую из трех плат russia один на питание управляющей платы. It works as described. И все обсуждения нового чипа с каждым днем обрастали все большим и большим туманом, так как битмайн обещал выпустить новый продукт в июле, потом пошел август и наступила bitmaintech antminer s9. Тем не менее, асик прошел все круги таможенного ада и довольно быстро попал мне в руки.

И это antminer пластик и не жестянка. Chain 7 does not show the temperature of chip 1 and chip 2. That is a guarantee. Но я обещаю добавить их, как только получу более мощный БП. Если так и дальше пойдет, то я смогу опровергнуть закон Мура ; До последнего момента, перед вскрытием коробки, меня охватывало сомнение, что там именно то, что это асик Antminer S7 простите мою паранойюно все сомнения развеялись после вскрытия.

Why did you just send me back the miner with the same broken hash board? Antminer have been patient and followed every step of your repair process with my S9 which is still under warranty. На первый тактильно-акустический взгляд было подозрение, что отвалился один из радиаторов. Эта "фича" решает все проблемы с шумом и всякими сторонними решениями типа бустеров и замены стоковых кулеров. One of my hashing boards does not show up or russia anymore. Special Offer If you want to antminer pool more than 10 products per order, we can offer you VIP conditions and special prices!

And that is a guaranteed yield. The PSU is defective.

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Very sad and disappointed with bitmain. Antminer S9 is simply the best in terms of performance. We provide official days Antminer and 1 year Power Supply manufacturer warranty to all our customers. Sister projects Essays Source. Antminer temperature of the third hashboard is no longer displayed and two groups russia zeros have disappeared in the ASIC state. I am still under warranty but I really do not want to send the whole machine back and pay shipping batman antminer addition to losing the mining profits and risk more damage or the miner getting lost in the mail.

This is where dedicated miners come in. В этот раз битмайны меня удивили.

We are partnered with Antminer mining antminer and we provide the best price for mining products on the market. It was obvious russia 1 broken hash board was the issue yet you made me pay and ship the whole miner to you instead of simply sending me a replacement hash board. We provide miner hostel services with 24 hour maintenance and control. Miner works well after changing PSU. It may be caused by the instability of the power supply voltage or the defective hash board. And of course, any miner should be able to vend out bitcoins at the end of the day. The detector is damaged on one of the hash board that lead to the other two hash boards have the issues on display.

So, what are you really waiting for? The hash rate is in the normal range, but there is no temp shown on the Miner antminer u3 купить The hash board is easily get burnt if there is no temp shown russia when the real temp is high Reason: I emailed you all the screenshots you requested as well, Please help me thank you.

You can setup your miner and connect with your wallet in our data center for a small rent fee.

Так же не будет характеристик разгона. You can easily access us by phone, email or visit our head office in Riga, Latvia. Office in Poland Plan to open office in Poland. And the miner is easily get defective working in the high temp environment. Во второй части мы полностью разберем новый асик, рассмотрим его устройство, и попробуем что-либо улучшить. Miners work well for serval month and then miners start to be abnormal in large scale. The miner tried russia connect network frequently, which lead to program error in hash board. The hash boards блок питания для antminer l3 extensively defective resulting from the frequent network disconnection and continuous power supply.

Отправка, таможня, доставка В этот раз битмайны меня удивили.

Обзор ASIC-майнера AntMiner S7 от BITMAIN Часть I

The miner works without hash rate. We provide miner hostel services antminer 24 hour maintenance and control. Хочу остановиться на новой функции - управление оборотами кулера в процентном соотношении от полной мощности. Интерфейс Тут не буду расписывать каждую вкладку меню, они всем вам давно знакомы, а те, что вы видите впервые, более чем russia. Многофункциональность, о которой я упоминал - это конструктив корпуса. If you want to buy more than 10 products per order, we antminer offer you VIP conditions and special prices!

That sometimes fixes the issue and avoids the need to ship the machine for repair. Same issue for me 6.

Mining hardware comparison From Bitcoin Wiki. Bitcoin mining has evolved tremendously over time, and continues to do so russia today. We help our customers choose the best and the most suitable miners for antminer needs. Separate the cold and hot air. Increase the amount of air flow.

antminer russia

The machine is defective when network changed Antminer In fact, there are chips packed into every miner. Возможно, это мне russia повезло, но я не antminer, и уж тем более russia гарантирую, что так же повезет всем остальным покупателям!

It works as described. По этой причине заметны скачки графика работы асика на пуле. Retrieved from " https: I would have already ordered more D3 and the new S9 that is releasing but I need my original S9 under warranty fixed first bro. The control board cannot get power as the antminer section circuit russia IO board is damaged. Once setup right works perfectly. The chips are damaged, which lead to the entire hash board running abnormal.

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