Antminer s7 batch 10

Boards on the S7 and Antminer are suspended on track within the case and are normally lose. Usually you can purchase items on your website on a card. ForMining for your bussiness New times, new opportunities We work for you, delivering the best equipment for mining! Please send an message via our contact form and will give you an RMA and a return label as well. Will definitely buy more from here when they come in stock. Now I left it on its side and swapped the position of the S7 with the batch next to it.

We have them in stock batch. We do not respond to email send to xxx parallelminer. In the mean time our system will show the order cancel to prevent antminer litecoin mining staff from processing the order.

Antminer S7 running temps

Our system work in sync with Coinpayment. Full Member Offline Activity: I Changed pools and it seemed to be cleared up for about antminer hours then the hashboards were dropping out left and right.

Training them to our standard is not but we are working on it. I asked a few times if anyone thought of a downside of doing this and no one ever commented. Super easy to do, just point them at a box fan in batch window or use a vinyl tube to outside or antminer your central heating if you need the heat.

I expect at least pcs will be available by end of next week. Hope for a response soon. Should I just submit the RMA and send it back? Contact us via our contact page. Averaging 51Temp and Chain 2 averaging 40Temp. This is solely my experience with the two miners they sent me. Will i have to buy a power supply or does it come with one. What is the return policy or warranty for this item?

I bought 2 of these miners.

  • As such, it is more resistant to wild inflation and corrupt banks.
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  • I am replying right away so customers see that you guys did respond same day.
  • Our system work in sync with Coinpayment.
Welcome to ForMining Top graphics cards for mining! We are hoping sooner. My S7 arent really noisy, you really dont need to leave the fan running full blast. We are working on the A6 now to be ready to ship next week. We accept free pre-order.

System will release stock if payment are not confirmed. I have ordered 3 asic miners from you, and so far the 2 that have been delivered have not worked. The approximate delivery date is the end of August. Did you use a power supply other than the bitmain? The email was sent there. Will i have batch buy a power supply or does it come with one. New merchants are welcome to announce their services for Bitcoin, but after those have been announced they are no longer news and should not be re-posted. With Bitcoin, you can be your own bank. As we discussed in the e-mails, it does seem like the Chinese mining pool information was the issue.

After putting the miner on its left side without moving the position I can say that the temperatures dropped from 77 down to 72 after running for about 2 hours. Usually you can purchase items on your website on a card.

AntMiner S7 Bitcoin SHA Mining ASIC overview - Reviews & Features |

Please check your antminer box because I replied the same day with basic troubleshooting steps.

We do not respond to email send to xxx parallelminer. Was wondering the same thing? And do you do international delivery? Will definitely buy more from here when they come in stock. You can enter your electricity cost, cost of hardware, стоимость antminer s7 future price of a bitcoin, expected future rate of difficulty rise or falletc, to get a realistic idea of possible outcomes.

S7 is still profitable if you have low power cost, with the bitcoin cash thing and all. Very clean and pristine. Latest News Jul You can read more about us, and about mining on our website. We accept free pre-order. ForMining Everything for mining cryptocurrency.

antminer s7 batch 10

In that case you have a huge advantage over other miners.

Antminer must be logged in to post a comment. Bitcoin submitted 2 years ago by RuffledFeathers Power supply and source are both working fine. Latest News Jul Dont forget to set your fan on manual setting. I ordered four s7s and had to RMA two of them due to them not working.

Antminer S7 Batch 9 : Bitcoin

If I had free electricity I would definitely pick up some S7s. From what i understand, unless the unit overheat, the thermal plaster should remain fairly solid?

What is it called? Customer focus You can send us an email, call, leave a comment on our website What batch the return policy or warranty for this item? We are processing outstanding orders and did not want to over sell. Avalon6 Bitcoin Miners - 3. Please contact antminer с9 характеристики via our contact page.

I should have known to check the spam folder, I apologize. Hero Member Offline Activity:

Transaction are confirmed after 6 confirmation. Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: Hope for a response soon. I also included a work cell phone number to call for real-time tech batch. Have checked connnections and everything else without opening up.

antminer s7 batch 10

Thanks all for the responses. About Us We strive to help in mining. Says none in stock?? I antminer bought 8 of these. I will have to put my email here. What is the ideal room temperature?

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